Here in Los Angeles there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a new nanny for you and your family. Before The Nanny Matchmaker, families found nannies through other local agencies, using online search sites or referrals from friends. Oftentimes these methods leave parents feeling underwhelmed and fatigued. We want families to be excited about finding and hiring a new nanny.  With our unique approach and experienced team, you can sit back and enjoy while we do the work for you!

The Nanny Matchmaker was established to provide Los Angeles families a unique approach when searching for their new nanny. We differ from our competition because we work directly with you to find the perfect nanny for you and your family.  We begin every search with an Initial Consultation to fully understand what matters most to you and your family. We then search for your ideal candidates in an array of ways to  provide you with candidates we feel would be an excellent match for your family, and ultimately you are the one who chooses and employs your “perfect” nanny.

The Nanny Matchmaker exult in being a small, locally run Los Angeles business. We enjoy building long lasting relationships with the families who hire us. From the very beginning conversation to the final check in after three months and beyond; we are always available to you. We include you throughout your entire matchmaking process and provide you with your Matchmaker’s direct contact information. Our owner, Nicola Magrath, will personally get to know you and your family to ensure her team fully understand what it is you’re seeking from your new nanny and she will always follow-up to check in with you and your new hire.