There are multiple nanny agencies in Los Angeles, how is The Nanny Matchmaker different?

We created two levels of service to cater to all families across Los Angeles. Our Matchmaking is an affordable luxury to all! Having first hand experience of how important the right family and nanny match is, we never attempt to determine who your nanny should be, instead, we work alongside you throughout your entire process. Additionally, we offer just an Initial Consultation to the families who choose to embark on their own nanny/manny search journey.

What is an Initial Consultation?

This is where your search begins! Initial Consultations can be held inside your home or over the phone (we prefer an in-person meeting..) and is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. By the end of your consultation you and your Matchmaker will have a determined what’s best for your family, leaving you with the knowledge and tools to begin your nanny search whether it’s by yourself or with the assistance from one of our Matchmakers.

Help! I need a nanny! Where do I begin?

Send an email to  or call 818.850.5981. We will be in touch within 24 hours to set up an Initial Consultation!

Where do you find the nannies you refer?

We use a variety of avenues to find our nannies. Some are referrals from other nannies or families we personally know. Some are found online through different resources: job boards, professional nanny groups, etc.. Some candidates are those we have already interviewed for other clients who were not the right fit for them. Regardless of where we find our nannies, we always ensure each candidates passes our thorough screening process and exceeds our requirements.

What is your process for screening the nannies you refer?

All nannies referred by The Nanny Matchmaker  go through an extensive interview process. To be considered for one of our positions, each candidate must have a nanny resume with at least three solid professional references, must have a clean driving record and are required to be infant & child CPR/First Aid certified. All nannies must also pass two background checks – the first runs a multi-state criminal history, checks the National Sex Offender Registry, a 7 year address check and a SSN check, and they will be required to submit their fingerprints through TrustLine Registry.

What happens if we hire a nanny The Nanny Matchmaker refers and it doesn't work out?

We offer one free replacement within the first 60 days of the nanny’s first official day. Our Matchmakers will check in with you and your nanny periodically throughout this time to see how things are going. If you and/or the new nanny/manny feel it’s not the right fit, we will work with you all to find suitable replacements.

What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

Great question! There is a big  difference between a nanny and babysitter, however, these two titles are often used  incorrectly.

A nanny is responsible for nurturing the child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development while providing basic daily care during the time the parents are unable to. Typically a nanny will become an extension of the family, partnering with the parents with every aspect of the child’s upbringing. Most nannies stay with their nanny family for years where possible. A nanny is considered a household employee and usually signs a contract laying out the terms of employment.  A nanny can work full time or part time hours and should be given sick days, vacation, annual pay raises plus other perks and incentives from their employers.

A babysitter is usually hired on an as needed basis for short amount of times. A babysitter will assist the family with the supervision of their children, will occasionally prepare light meals and assist with bedtime routines while the parents are out. Babysitters are paid hourly and are not under any contract with one family.

How much should I pay my nanny?

Nanny pay in Los Angeles varies depending on location, number of children, the required job duties, the nanny’s experience and the family’s budget. Here are our recommendations for pay:

One child rate range – $18/hr to $25/hr*

Two children rate range – $20/hr to $25/hr*

Three or more rate range – $23 to $30/hr*

(*rate increases depending on responsibilities)

We suggest paying your nanny at the end of each week and paying your babysitter at the end of each shift. It is also highly recommended that you pay your nanny/babysitter at least minimum wage and that she’s fairly compensated for all hours worked.