Established in 2014, The Nanny Matchmaker is a small, locally owned business specialized in providing an exceptional service to both families and nannies throughout their search and hiring process. We love being able to serve families and nannies across Los Angeles.

Understanding what’s most important to each member of your household, our team pride themselves on finding and connecting you with the best nannies/mannies Los Angeles has to offer. By choosing us to help you and your family with this somewhat daunting task, you let go of any frustration and fatigue that can come with a search, allowing yourself the ability to actually enjoy connecting with the candidates we recommend.

For peace of mind, we require all the nanny and manny candidates to pass our extensive application process before they can connect with you. We will coordinate and schedule all interviews and communicate with the candidates on your behalf. We keep your private information from the candidates until it’s necessary to share, and of course, only with your permission do we share such information.

Our team is here to guide you through each step of our matchmaking process. We make ourselves available for any questions that arise. We strive to move swiftly through your search whilst maintaining integrity and our high standards. Our matchmaking service is a truly exceptional experience to all!

Nicola Magrath
Nicola Magrath began her professional nanny career seven years ago working for a local family, who she still keeps in touch with to this day! While working as a nanny she connected with many different families and nannies and often heard similar stories of the struggles that come with finding the right person or position, some of which she experienced herself. Being a problem solver and eager to serve, she started thinking of ways to solve these issues. In 2014, she met a nanny in a West Hollywood park and they immediately connected on this topic and began creating a solution. After two years of establishing their agency, the other nanny decided to pursue her other passions. Being extremely passionate about her work and the families and nannies she had helped, Nicola rebranded the business and continued providing Los Angeles families with an exceptional nanny search and hiring experience. “Nicola has an infectious smile, a positive attitude with an innate ability to bond with the entire family. She brings first-hand knowledge and experience to your matchmaking process after dedicating years of service to Los Angeles families and the professional childcare industry. She is passionate about the service her team provide and she just loves children (and they love her!) and connecting families with their perfect nanny.”


A New Approach

We established our service to provide Los Angeles families a unique approach when searching for their new nanny. We begin every search with an Initial Consultation to fully understand what matters most to your family. We then search for your ideal candidate and share ones we feel will make an excellent match for your family, and ultimately you are the one who chooses and employs your perfect nanny.

Personal Service

We are a small, locally run Los Angeles business. We enjoy building long lasting relationships with the families who hire us. From the very beginning conversation to the final check in after three months and beyond; we are always available to you. We include you throughout your entire matchmaking process and provide you with your Matchmaker’s direct contact information. Our Founder, Nicola, will personally get to know you and your family to ensure her team fully understand what it is you’re seeking from your new nanny and she will always follow-up to check in with you and your new hire.

We Are Experts

As a professional nanny herself, Nicola has seen first hand how important the right family and nanny match truly is. Our expert Matchmakers all have experience working in the childcare industry or as a professional nanny. We pride ourselves on working to understand your family’s needs and wants to only submit the best possible candidate options. We want to ensure you are matched with the best candidate for your position and feel extremely happy with your decision! All nannies we refer are professional, experience and love what they do.

They Have To Impress Us First

Our Matchmakers sift through hundreds of applications and resumes for any position listed by us. We pride ourselves on finding the best Los Angeles based nannies or mannies. We interview the options and select only the top five candidates for your position. All childcare professionals we refer have previous relevant experience, exceed our nanny requirements, and continue to impress us during multiple rounds of interviews.

Valuable Feedback

It’s our responsibility to connect families and nannies together but we offer more than just that. We will walk beside you before, during and after each interview and throughout the hiring process to answer your questions and address any concerns. We make ourselves available to address even the toughest of questions from appropriate nanny pay to selecting a payroll system. We love setting families and nannies up for success, that is one of our ultimate goals. We offer customized materials to aid you and your nanny during your time together to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless and the working relationship is long lasting.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. We strive ourselves on keeping all personal information sealed from candidates until it’s appropriate to share. We do not share names, your personal contact or home address until you have selected the nanny you’d like your family to meet. Additionally, for everyone’s safety we encourage all initial interviews to be held outside of the home. In addition to these precautions, we require all the childcare professionals we work with to pass our extensive application and screening process before meeting any families.

Our Requirements

All nannies must have love what they do! We also require each of them to have a nanny resume, previous childcare experience with outstanding references, clean background screenings, have a clean driving record, be current with their CPR/First Aid Certification and be TrustLine Registered upon hire.

You're Busy

For many parents, finding a new nanny can be a very daunting and time consuming task. Some parents have no idea where to begin. Here in Los Angeles, it’s typical for parents to receive hundreds of emails, applications and resumes when searching for their new nanny, often leaving parents overwhelmed and fatigued. Being industry professionals ourselves, we excel when it comes to finding, interviewing and pre-screening candidates.

Deception Free

We often hear about families who thought they were hiring an amazing nanny only to find out she was no Mary Poppins. Each nanny candidate we refer must complete an extensive application and interview process and have outstanding references. It’s our top priority that every family meets and employs only the best nannies and mannies Los Angeles has to offer.

Confidentiality Matters

Los Angeles is a big city and can often feel like a very “small” town, news travels fast and gossip spreads. We understand this city is filled with families, careers, relationships, and friendships that require a high level of discretion. Knowing this, you can trust your private and personal information is never shared. We strives ourselves and all employees on their professionalism and never discuss families who have hired us. Moreover, we never disclose any information about you, your family, your home or lifestyle. We keep all personal information acquired throughout our process private. Mum’s the word.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You